[monkeywire] Thailand Monkeys Given a Massive Feast

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New Tang Dynasty Television
2009-11-30 10:23125


Monkeying around in Thailand… and for once, these primates aren't stealing
the food.

Instead they are honored guests at this annual monkey feast in Lopburi.

Platefuls of colorful food, delicious enough for human consumption, are
given to the city's most famous residents.

The monkey buffet is staged at sacred Khmer ruins and honors the place the
long-tailed macaques hold in Thai legend.

A giant tower of fruit, vegetables and assorted Thai deserts formed the
centerpiece of the mass celebration.

There wasn't any champagne but Pepsi seemed just fine.

All this monkey business is big business in Lopburi, with the event bringing
in thousands of visitors every year.

[Sara Arntz, American Tourist]:
"It's really cool. It is a different thing than anything we have in America.
Monkeys just fly everywhere, stealing food. It is really cool. It is
once-in-a-lifetime experience."

Monkeys are a both a bane and a blessing in the city.

The thousands of naughty, greedy animals are given free rein and often cause

But for those who take the time to make their offerings at the feast, there
might just be a free head massage as a thank you.

Carrie McLaren, Professional

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