[freetds] mssql_query returns a boolean false instead an empty recordset when the query doesn't match any record

Daniel Fazekas fdsubs at t-online.hu
Wed Nov 9 13:07:59 EST 2005

On Nov 9, 2005, at 18:55, Pablo F. Díaz Anzalone wrote:

> I would like to know which is the correct answer I should obtain from
> mssql_query. I have a server in which mssql_query is returning a false
> boolean when it should return an empty recordset (as is doing in the
> other server).
> I'm sorry for the repetition of the topic, but I'm very interested in
> having a better solution than putting if's in each query.

This is a bug which came up some months ago. If you search the list  
archives, you might be able to find it.

Unfortunately, I don't recall exact version numbers, but you'll  
likely find it corrected by updating your PHP version to a more  
recent one. Or by updating FreeTDS. Or both. Sorry, don't remember  
which one. :)


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