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Ted Shoemaker tedsmath at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 26 16:54:37 EST 2004

Kathleen Borsari Katb4now at aol.com wrote:
> Do you think that sketching a quick little picture for each new
> vocab word 
> helps, rather than relying on just the English word as a
> definition?

We're leaving the realm of Greek and entering into pedagogy --
but that doesn't seem to bother folks on this list.  :)
(It's fine with me, too, BTW.)

Most experienced teachers agree that no single method is the "right"
method for every student.  Do what works for your kids.

That means that you *must* be willing to sacrifice some time 
(by experimenting and "wasting" time in trial-and-error)
in order to find out what does in fact work.  So what if 
they don't get as much grammar this week?  If it means that 
next week they start learning better than they have been, 
it's well worth the time you've used.

Now, more directly related to the Greek:
Somewhere there is a very useful (and fun!) illustration of 
Greek prepositions, entitled "An Adventure With A Lion".
I seem to remember seeing it on the internet a few months ago,
but when I looked for it a moment ago, I couldn't find it.
Anybody know where it is?

Ted Shoemaker
Madison, Wisconsin

Ted Shoemaker
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