[B-Greek] Machen's NT Greek for Beginners

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Thu Feb 19 21:27:55 EST 2004

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cwconrad at artsci.wustl.edu writes:
I really was NOT being facetious in my comments about Machen. I have taught
out of it myself and think I'm familiar enough with its qualities: its
grammatical explanations are too brief and for that reason less than fully
adequate or accurate; its sentences, both Greek-to-English and
English-to-Greek are "made-up" and many of them display bad grammar and
idiom (this is a pet peeve of mine; the best introductory grammars use
exclusively or almost exclusively texts drawn directly from ancient Greek

Up to this point I've studiously kept my mouth shut on this subject, but I 
must second Carl's evaluation of Machen.  I started learning Greek with Machen 
then switched to another school and took a classical course.  For a time I was 
completely at a loss (well, almost).  I feel that Machen did not adequately 
prepare a student for more difficult passages -- and most especially not for 
classical Greek.  I would be slightly less hard on Machen than Carl, but I do 
think you can and should do better.


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