Dan Hubbell ntc at churchrestoration.org
Fri Jan 12 07:24:47 EST 2001

I am new to this site and therefore this question may not be appropriate or may have been discussed before, if so, please disregard.

In studying the greek word EKKLHSIA, I was wondering if anyone has a thought or discernment about why Jesus may have chosen this particilar word rather than other existing Hebrew or Greek words for assembly, congregation, synagogue, temple, etc.

[List moderator's note: let's not, in this forum, at least,  speculate on
 what went on in the mind of  Jesus,  but surely the question may be
raised regarding factors making different available Greek words apt
 for the meaning(s) given ultimately to the NT Koine word EKKLHSIA.

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 we prefer people NOT use the MIME format for B-Greek messages
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In His Name,

Dan Hubbell
His servant

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