John 21 Feed my lambs

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>With that background, the question becomes, what does it mean to love
>Jesus, and what does it mean to tend his lambs.  Did Jesus intend any
>semantic difference among agapao, phileo; bosko, poimano; probaton, arnion.
> Or was he just varying the language as a matter of style.

Bill, Cindy, nice thread here. I think it more accurate to ask what did John 
wish to intend in these Greek semantic differences. A study of John's usage 
of this style reveals contrasting images that are not so presented by the 
synoptic writers. Moreover, the Syriac Gospel portrays this even to a greater 
degree and have Jesus instructing "Feeds my lambs for me...feed my ewes for 
me...feed my sheep for me."
Dimitri Grekoff

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