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I swear, if The Ramones and The Ronettes had ever got it on, their baby
would sound like Hinds - a glorious garagey, punky, souly baby.

Their songs are never long enough for you to bore of them; a simple and
effective trick that works well against their ramshackle delivery.  They
kick off with the rowdy, distorted Warning With The Curling, reminiscent of
the C86 bands of the mid-80’s and the crowd is totally on board.  Next up
is Trippy Gum, which (as with most of their songs) is a tempo teasing,
lo-fi mash-up of raucous high energy garage and slow, heady Balearic - how
that’s even possible, I’m still not quite sure. The set moves swiftly and
they churn out Fat Calmed Kiddos, Warts and Between Cans with typical charm
- the latter a vigorous rendition, ensuring the vocalists get a massive

>From there, the scrunchie-clad four-piece unleash a stack of riotous tunes
that female-driven post-punksters such as The Slits and The Raincoats would
have been proud of.  And those bands would certainly have forgiven the
missed notes, or the mis-struck chords (such as on Chili Town), because
Hinds’ allure is not in their skilled musicianship, but in their magnetism
and vitality.  Which they deliver by the freight-load.

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