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Looking In The Shadows is a real grower. When I first heard it I thought it was a bit overcooked; now I love it. 


The BBC sessions EP with the lemon on the cover still has the definitive version of "Don't Be Mean", IMNSHO, though.

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 Good god -- that must've been one helluva show. I've mentioned elsewhere that Looking in the Shadows is one of my favorite albums of the '90s -- & it's almost certainly *the* decade's top LP by a female-oriented (for lack of a better description) outfit, by far. 

(Though come to think of it, as the kids used to say, the debuts by Linoleum & Elastica didn't exactly suck, & Chumbawamba's Shhh, Swinging with Raymond & Anarchy more or less fit that bill as well ... And undoubtedly I'm forgetting loads of good stuff. But still -- Looking in the Shadows=masterpiece, one that I have to admit to vastly preferring, in my cloth-eared way, to any of the original-lineup LPs.)


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I probably said this already somewhere in this thread but I was lucky enough to catch them on their reunion tour at the Academy (NYC), opening for Liz Phair just after Exile came out (1994).  They blew Phair away and were kind of overwhelmed by the positive response.  At one point in the middle of the set, the applause was so loud that Ana got confused and said "Thanks but we're not done yet!" (maybe thinking that the crowd was just warming up for Phair). A very moving moment for sure.  They later came out with Phair and did an encore with her ("Flower"), which was really sweet too.  


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