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Hi all,

Just wanted to let you know I got around to 
updating the women in punk 1975-1980 list and 
there are some really great bands I've just found 
out about from submissions. 

Below are links to info and YouTube:

Carolyn Crampton from this all-girl band in 
Boulder, who was later in The Varve in SF, wrote 
to me.  She has some great anecdotes about her 
bands on her blog...

They're featured on a compilation of early 
Colorado punk bands, along with the Guys 
(all-girl band from Denver)...

from a submission...
>Their 1st LP was released in 1980:
>Their 2nd LP Eilzustellung-Exprés was released in

Kandeggina Gang:
Orrore (1980)

from a submission...
>Kandeggina Gang are a cult punk group in Italy, 
>known just in underground/alternative scene in 
>Unfortunately, online articles are only written in italian language. 
>This is a link for a good text that talk about 
>Jo Squillo (the leader of te band) and her first 
>years in punk movement.
>They started in late 70's inside an 
>anrchist/left space called "Centro Sociale Santa 
>They are just teenagers (abot 15 years old).
>1980 - Sono Cattiva/Orrore - Cramps Records 7"
>Then Jo Squillo (Giovanna Coletti) started a 
>solo carreer, always with Kandeggina Gang 
>members at the beginning.
>The artname was Jo Squillo Electrix.
>1981 - Girls Senza Paura - 20th Secret 
>recordings (LP with 16 tracks) here the sound go 
>to post-punk/new wave
>1983 - Avventurieri/Voodoo 7"
>With these Jo punk adventure finished.
>She went to mid 80's following a trashy side of Italo Disco style...
>In 90's she collaborate even with Sabrina 
>Salerno (Italian Pop Icon between 80's and 90's)
>She's now presenter of a Fashion Tv Show in Italy.
>You can find pictures of kandeggina Gang on Google images.
>There is a myspace, there are their songs on the 
>player but I don't think that the space is made 
>by them (probably by some fans)
Here's a Jo fan space ... you can well see the 
difference from past and present. 
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