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Rest assured that occurred to me. Deep in my black heart, I'm sure I *like* being an outsider with all sorts of esoteric leanings; that wouldn't really be the case in, oh, NY or Chicago or LA. Doesn't stop me from whining every now & then -- it's my right as an Amerikkkan.

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  you can always go someplace else. that's what most of us probably had to do. don't take that advice personally. 


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    Oh, please be assured that my whine wasn't directed at you (or at anyone in particular, really) -- just me being curmudgeonly & venting accordingly. After spending most of my life in the South (plus about 2 1/2 years in Phoenix, going to grad school) I guess I'm just envious of people who, as I said, have a choice of seeing more good bands in a given week than I would in, say, a decade. 

    At the same time, there's a certain amount of, I guess, reverse snobbism at being able to tell myself that I (as well as loads of others, of course) was seeking out punk & such in a time & place where *Led Zeppelin* were considered dangerously radical ... never mind X-Ray Spex or the Banshees. I mean, even today -- 30 years later, in a city 20 times the size of the place I went to college in SW Arkansas -- there *may* be 50 other people here who know who Essential Logic were. Quite possibly not, though.

    Anyway, good on you guys for touring all sorts of benighted backwaters south of the Mason-Dixon line. I'm sort of surprised to see you playing Shreveport, which to my knowledge is totally lacking in redeeming (anti)social value (though, y'know, come to think of it I *did* find [speaking of X-Ray Spex] Germ-Free Adolescents at a mall store there in '79 ...).

    Anyway, good luck with the tour, period, & certainly the Alabama shows. I am, unfortunately, in the absolutely vile pesthole of an excuse for the state capital, Montgomery, which makes my former home of Little Rock (where I'm surprised to see you guys *not* playing, actually) look like NYC or LA, honest to god. (Jackson Browne played here last week. You would've thought the Beatles had reunited.) If I want to see a show I have to drive 3 or 4 hours to Atlanta, & I don't believe I've done that since my birthday nearly 5 years ago ... An aging car (&, let's face it, physique) can be awfully inconvienient.




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