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Hi Dina-

It's my fault for sending that msg. before I'd really had a chance to fully
read through all the digests about format and such. So, yeah, I had sender's
remorse after that one.

So, no, that wasn't my recommendation at all. I see now too that you were
looking for readily available reissues, which sadly isn't the case for UT
(although it SHOULD be).

If I DID have a rec, it would certainly be that eponymous 1984 EP, which is
simply stellar. Hopefully we'll be able to revisit this one when there's a


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>    1. Re: UT (Dina Hornreich)
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> What is your recommendation then? That I make an exception to the
> aforementioned "chronological constraints" to include "In Gut's House"
> since
> the band was around during the TG time frame?
> We can revisit this exercise and revise the list annually, no? Perhaps the
> material released during the TG timeframe will be available at some point
> later on. (Someone's taking notes right?) At which point, we can
> add/subtract/amend what we've created here.
> I very much like Ut. It's not like I'm excluding them based on my biases
> (which I mentioned in the email about Selector).
> -Dina
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