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ok, a few more.
that's it for now, I think about it another day..
-- Marc

On 2/1/06, sarra cenia <sarracenia.81 at gmail.com> wrote:
> adding a few to the "all teenage girl punk bands (Tobi)"
> I'm not sure of the age off all them. Just taking a good guess. Most of
> these bands are from early 80's
> -----------
> •Dolly Mixture, Lung Leg, Gymslips, - UK
> •Kyah!, Nurse, Boys Boys, Beardsley from Japan
> •Trummerfrauen, Östro 430 - Germany
> •Tee Vee Pop from Denmark
> •Extrém Exém, Usch, Fega Pahopp, Tant Strul, Livin' Sacrifice, Pink
> Champagne, kröösa from Sweden
> •Grylurnar from Iceland
> •Kandeginna Gang from Italy
> •Raunchettes, Candy Apple, Private School from New York
> •Backstage Pass, Bangs, I.U.D., Urge, Castration Squad, Go Gos, from
> California
> •Sweet Tarts from CT
•Foams, from Texas
•Ruby Cadilac From Florida
> •Cub, Curse, B Girls from Canada
> •Calamités and Too Much? from France
> •Nixe, Wandas, Pin Offs, Removers, Pink Plastic Panties from Holland
> •Chin Chin, Kleenex from Switzerland

Who know's about the ages on these bands??
Red Aunts, L7, Cypher in the snow, Tribe 8, Anti Scrunti Faction, Lunachicks
(then), 7 year bitch, Bratmobile, Floozy Drippys,  Mudwimin, Sahara

kennickie has a guy playing.

-- Marc
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