[TypicalGirls] Re: die matrosen

Evan Davies evandavies at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 24 13:14:10 EST 2005

> available almost only on Rough Trade imports.  They did get props from 
> Christgau, Marcus and others at the time, which probably helped 

For what it's worth they got pretty regular airplay on WNYU's New Afternoon
Show when I was there in '80/'81, and I feel like I used to hear "Die
Matrosen" a lot in clubs, so people who were inclined to seek out new stuff
could have come across them pretty easily in NYC at least. "Ain't You" and
"Eiseger Wind" were also getting airplay, but "Die Matrosen" would certainly
qualify as a 'hit' in those circles.


2004 top 10: http://www.wfmu.org/bestof/bestof2004.html#15

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