[TypicalGirls] Ruth Polsky

weasel walter weaselw at juno.com
Thu Apr 14 14:49:39 EDT 2005

i can't remember if she worked for danceteria or hurrah or whatever. I'm
not up on this stuff anymore!


On Thu, 14 Apr 2005 13:30:59 -0400 "Mike Appelstein"
<mike at appelstein.com> writes:
> While spending my lunch hour doing some Googling, it occurred to me 
> that the late Ruth Polsky was one of the unsung champions of 
> post-punk 
> in America.  Apparently she was one of the few promoters (along with 
> select others, like Jim Fouratt and our own Hilary Jaeger) who 
> brought 
> the early Rough Trade bands to NYC.  Who was she, and how did she 
> end 
> up being one of the go-to people in NYC for young, challenging UK 
> bands?

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