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I just read your discussion re: downloading/ copying cds etc ­ particularly
the section below:

³How many copies of This Heat or the Left Banke or
Raincoats CDs have people asked me to make for
them, as they are out of print?  I am always happy to
oblige them, because unlike the copyright holders, I
consider these artists to have artistic and cultural
Value that ought to be shared, and if the right people won't
do it, well . . .²

I just want to make a couple of points here because these things very often
are not so simple and
sometimes it is actually difficult to Œshare¹ your own work despite your
best efforts to try and do that.

We (The Raincoats) have just spent the last 3 years embroiled in a legal
battle over our own rights
with One Little Indian who bought Rough Trade Records back catalogue in the
mid nineties. 

We had signed a 5 year contract (6 years including sell off periods) with
Rough Trade Records for the
cd reissues of the first 3 Raincoats albums in the mid nineties and this had
expired with the rights
returning to the band.

I contacted OLI, who held the masters and was informed that as they thought
they controlled the
copyright in perpetuity they were pressing new copies of the albums for
their label Second Wind.
We had to get a lawyer involved to point out the obvious and had to spent a
lot of money to stop
them selling the cds through their distributors.

In December 2004 they finally agreed to give us the cds they had pressed as
a settlement for money
they owed us in royalties and in lawyers costs and to save trashing those

This is why the 4 albums are finally available again through Rough Trade
Shops and their web site

I¹m sure many other artists have come up against similar problems, despite
the fact they actually have
drawn up sensible contracts with their rights reverting back to the artists.

It¹s not always that simple or easy!

All the best,

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