[SM-Discuss] Xorg font path transition... is this an issue that needs integration to stable?

Eric Sandall eric at sandall.us
Wed Dec 16 18:35:14 EST 2009

Quoting Thomas Orgis <thomas-forum at orgis.org>:

> Hi folks...
> after having several old-ish apps (Motif, xfontsel... stuff that  
> needs X11 core fonts) broken with their fonts after updating my SMGL  
> system, I figured out that it's the (incomplete) transition from  
> /usr/lib/X11/fonts to /usr/share/fonts/X11.
> This caused a lot of fonts not being found anymore by my X server  
> and thusly had forced me to think about getting my favourite text  
> editor font back (yes, for programming you cannot beat a good bitmap  
> font).
> Long story short: I fixed up xorg-server to look into  
> /usr/share/fonts/X11 by default (important when you got no xorg.conf  
> at all) and also several spells on xorg-fonts that still installed  
> to the old location. Seems like upstream people didn't bother to  
> update all font packages in that respect.
> I am talking about the commits leading to  
> c8d80144d164621665fa0a7f183b389d556deaac... Now, I wonder: Does this  
> affect current stable grimoire? And if it does, is this issue  
> demanding an integration or not? Some folks on IRC weren't  
> particulary bothered since minimal font to get Xorg running at all  
> is built-in and modern programs don't need core X fonts.
> Opinions?

Thank you for finding, and fixing, the fonts Thomas. :) I hadn't even  
noticed when I did some of the original updates as I use the default  

Please open a bug to integrate your changes into the new stable-0.39  
(just released today) and I'll check the bugs and see about  
integrating them.


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