[SM-Discuss] process for getting bugfixes and security updates into stable grimoire

Jeremy Blosser (emrys) jblosser-smgl at firinn.org
Fri May 5 14:58:59 EDT 2006

On May 05, Arwed von Merkatz [v.merkatz at gmx.net] wrote:
> On Fri, May 05, 2006 at 01:35:47PM -0500, Jeremy Blosser (emrys) wrote:
> > On May 05, Arwed von Merkatz [v.merkatz at gmx.net] wrote:
> > > - one of the gatekeepers (currently Eric Sandall, Seth Woolley and
> > >   myself) approves or denies the request(s) for integration, if it's
> > >   denied, an explanation of the reasons is added to the bug 
> > 
> > Is the APL included in that like I am for other stuff Eric does?  I'm
> > asking because I don't know... FWIW I don't really want to be a gatekeeper
> > but will do it if required when none of the rest of you are available for
> > some reason and it's something that can't wait for you.
> I wanted to suggest you as a fourth gatekeeper, but if you don't really
> want to do it, I'm sure we can find others. Having one or two more
> gatekeepers is certainly a good idea.

As a matter of practice I'd prefer to be included in anything he can do, as
that's kind of the point of how we have structured assistants (it gets
annoying if there's a list of can and can-nots when people come asking me
for stuff when he isn't around), but yeah I'd only be doing these approvals
in an assistant capacity, not as a primary gatekeeper.

> > I know we have an 'integrated to stable' flag as well, which I believe is
> > to be set by whoever does the integration, correct?   Will we have one of
> > those for 'integrated to stable-rc' as well?
> Do we really need those flags? Once the bug is fixed in the grimoire it
> was filed against the bug is resolved as FIXED anyway. The only use for
> the flag would be if it was only integrated to one of the grimoires it
> was flagged for.

I don't know if we need them, but if not the one we have should be removed.
Just looking for consistency and definition of what flags are there.
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