[SM-Discuss] amd64 /lib64 to /lib conversion fixes and adventures.

Seth Alan Woolley seth at positivism.org
Mon Apr 18 05:19:57 EDT 2005

I've recently been working on getting the amd64 port to be all in /lib 
without a /lib64 symlink (and /usr/lib{,64}).  I've succeeded but will 
have to make it easy for people to convert before I apply the various 
patches I've written.

The /lib64/ld-linux-x86-64.so.2 file seems hardcoded into the binaries 
until they are all recompiled, and what I've done is kept that file in 
/lib64 via a symlink after recompiling the affected packages, then 
rebuilt the whole system.  After that one can safely remove the 
/lib64 and /usr/lib64 on the system at least for basesystem.  Some 
spells like xorg are still there.  I haven't applied any patches myself 
yet, but I have filed bugs:


I highly suggest copying over /lib64 stuff to /lib then ldconfig, then 
removing /lib64 and symlink it to /lib if you are going to try the route 
above.  I did it without ever doing that, but readline and ncurses went 
totally bonkers.  Fortunately bash.static is available to be symlinked 
from /bin/bash.  If you plan on going down the sans-symlink route, you 
must have a static bash to get at least readline and ncurses recompiled.  
After that you must remove it because a static bash causes problems for 
some other spells that depend on ldd'ing /bin/sh to see what libc 
version they are on.  Once you are out of the water with bash, the 
patches in the bugs above seem to work well for me and I've rebuilt 
everything into straight /lib and am now doing a test rebuild overnight 
and hopefully in the morning I shall have all the binaries with their 
seemingly hardcoded /lib64/ld* links moved to /lib/.  Then I'll try 
removing lib64 altogether and hope it all works out.

When I've proof tested it, I'll put up another tarball for people 
interested in trying a pure 64-bit chroot that is running on a live 
booting system without any trace of /lib64 paths.


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