[SM-Discuss] New hosting

Benoit PAPILLAULT benoit.papillault at sourcemage.org
Thu Dec 16 06:37:16 EST 2004

Eric Sandall a écrit :
> Due to Ibiblio being down (again) and (always) slow we have accepted the offer
> from Adam Clark (Kinetix) to move to his site for hosting. Adam, Seth, and
> Arwed did some quick work and had us fully hosted on Adam's machine in about an
> hour. You will notice the nice speed increase we have. :) All of our services,
> except e-mail and mailing lists, have been moved to Adam's server at
> http://mirror.isurf.ca/ and our DNS records have been updated.
> I'd like to thank Adam for his work and offer of hosting. :)
> -sandalle

Yes. Great work!

Concerning the bugzilla, I had previously setup some filters that are 
now obsolete. Would it be possible to change? :

- The URL of the bugs link from 
http://smbugs.isurf.ca/show_bug.cgi?id=7825 to 

- The email of the bugs from bugzilla-daemon at ns2.isurf.ca to something 
like bugs at sourcemage.org

- The email of "Your Bugzilla buglist needs attention." from 
adamsgl at dhbit.ca to bugs at soucemage.org

That will make hosting changes more smooth.


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