[SM-Discuss] pspell problem

Eric Sandall sandalle at hellhound.homeip.net
Wed Jul 24 18:52:34 EDT 2002

George Sherwood said:
> I have been trying to get pan 0.12.91 working with gtkspell 2.0.  This
> gives a spell check capability to pan.  Gtkspell was unable to find
> aspell and this would cause a seg fault whenever a message editor was
> opened in pan.  The fix was to remove the --disable-ltdl option in the
> spell for pspell.  From the pspell README:
> ------------------------------------------------
> If you run into problems you can try disabling the building of shared
> libraries with --disable-shared and/or the ltdl library which is used
> for dynamically loading pspell modules with --disable-ltdl. If you do so
> you will then need to manually link in the necessary modules by doing
> the following:
>     cd modules
>     ./add-modules
>     cd ..
>     make
>     make install
> However this has not been known to work properly on most platforms. If
> you are just installing Pspell so that you can compile and use the
> Aspell utility then you should be okay as Aspell does not need any of
> Pspell modules linked in. However, if you are trying to use Pspell with
> an application that actually used the Pspell library such as PHP,
> AbiWord or the like then you will likely run into problems.
> -----------------------------------------------
> What was the reason for that option in this pspell?  Everything seems to
> be working for me now that I have taken it out.
> George


I had a reason at the time, though I can't recall atm what it was, but
something wasn't working until I did the ltdl option.

Looking at the history file I entered:
2002-05-08  12:15 PST  Eric Sandall <sandalle at yahoo.com>

  * Fixed compile problem due to ltdl by removing option for it

Hope this helps clarify.  :)

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