[SM-Announce] Bugfix Release: Source Mage GNU/Linux v0.8.1 iso!

Eric Schabell eschabell at sourcemage.org
Fri Jan 16 12:26:30 EST 2004

Howdy all!

Here is a bugfix iso supplied by Hamish for your installation pleasure.
He offered to lighten the iso teams load so that they could just
concentrate on the 0.9 iso that will be coming out at the end of this
month. So without further ado:

- - soon to be available from http://download.sourcemage.org/iso/
- - md5sums available
- - latest stable grimoire (as of yesterday)
- - kernel 2.4.24 with XFS patches, more kernel modules built 
    (agpgart, drm, sound etc so the supplied kernel can actually be used for more 
    than bootstrapping)
- - simpleinit-msb 1.2 (buffer overflow bugfix)
- - netkit-ping (ping binary) added to both install and installer cd
- - dhcpcd binary added to installer cd
- - perl 5.8.2
- - xdelta, glib removed from install and sorcery options adjusted to suit
- - ed, parted removed (parted not needed after installation and already 3 
    editors installed)
- - unused networking spells dispelled when ethernet chosen
- - architecture,optimisation menu bug merged from Unet's ppc iso and use_gcc2    
    error removed

PS. Currently being uploaded to our download site, be patient it should
be there soon.

  * Eric D. Schabell M.Sc.
  *   Project Lead Source Mage GNU/Linux
  *   Source Mage : http://www.sourcemage.org
  *   Shopping    : http://www.cafeshops.com/sourcemage
  *   irc.freenode.net (#sourcemage)
  *   nick -> erics

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