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I have one little problem with my Masdevallias when I´m not at home
(holidays, business trips, ...). All my small growing Masdevallias
(strobelii, glandulosa, minuta and an unidentified seedling) are potted in
pure sphagnum moss. Because of our hot and dry summers I have to use clay
pots for evaporative cooling. In winter I spray them once a day (late
afternoon) and water them as soon as the moss becomes dry (normally 1-2
times per week). In summer I spray them twice a day (morning and late
afternoon) and water them as soon as the moss becomes dry (normally 2-3
times per week). Additionally in summer, I pour daily about 5mm rainwater
into each coaster for evaporative cooling. The clay pots soak up the water
and evaporate it very fast. Because of the evaporation the clay becomes very
cool and that´s what my little Masdevallias enjoy in hot summer. When I use
evaporative cooling it´s very important to give the plants as much fresh air
as possible to aviod fungi problems (sudden leaf drop). In winter when it is
freezing outside I do not use evaporative cooling because the risk of fungi
problems is to high (not enough fresh air, very short days, ...).

My problem: What´s the best method to make shure that my plants do not die
when I´m not at home for longer than 1 week ?

In the past a friend had a look at our plants 2 or 3 times a week. It is
better than no care but I always lose a few plants because of to much or no



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