[pleurothallid-l] Coconut water, Restrepia propagation

Ron Maunder pondeeza at enternet.co.nz
Sat Dec 18 07:23:32 EST 2004

Hi Thomas and others,

I must search the supermarket shelves here for canned coconut water. 
It certainly shows by the picture on the can that it is from green 
coconuts.  Another place I might try for it is the Chinese or Asian 
warehouse here.  They have all sorts of unusual canned fruits like 
durians and mangosteens.  Might have your coconut water.  Failing 
that I will try in Auckland sometime which is the biggest Polynesian 
city in the world.  They might sell green coconuts.

I would have thought using it with charcoal would remove some of the 
vital growth factors?

"Orchid propagation in vitro course"
This sounds a great way to get school kids interested in growing 
orchids, Thomas!  Its so hard to motivate and get young blood in 
orchid clubs nowadays.  A bit of simple science might be the way!

Re seed
Thomas, that cross macrura x pachyura is sure going to be ugly! I'll 
find something much more worthwhile for you.

Question - Restrepia striata

I have a huge Restrepia striata with a mass of leaves. I read 
somewhere ages ago how to remove leaves and get new plants from under 
each leaf.  Can someone describe how its done please?

Ron Maunder - NZ

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