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Goldorchid at aol.com Goldorchid at aol.com
Wed Oct 1 22:32:23 EDT 2003

 sorry to be slow in getting back-
      there is a good design for a growing chamber/old aquarium in the Winter 
2001 Pleurothallid News & Views. check with Lynn O'Shaughnessy for a reprint: 
freespirit at pleurothallids.com. OR join the Alliance & get the newsletter 
quarterly with color pictures & lots of info., I think it's $27 US Dollars.

      I myself am using an old 55 gal. aquarium stand with 2 shop lights (2 
warm 2 cool 48" bulbs) on the "under"side enclosed in plastic with 2 muffin 
fans, a piezoelectric fogger & humidity trays to keep the intermediate to cool 
Pleuros. happy. I'm always "tweeking" but,   basically it works well for me & 
the concepts are the same as in the article mentioned above.
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