[pleurothallid-l] Re: [frognet] Masdevallia limax (orchid club)

Michael Shrom shrommj at ptd.net
Thu Nov 13 19:18:36 EST 2003


	I put it in the middle of the tank.  It is not to close to the light 
and close to  flowing water.  It isn't getting splashed.  Hopefully it 
won't get to warm.  I had fun hanging everything today.  I have about 
22 orchids and 6 or 7 orange Dendrobates galactonotus in one tank.  The 
other terrarium has about  9 orchids and 5 yellow Dendrobates 
galactonotus in it.
> My understanding is that Masd. limax and the related Masd. mendozae are
> both capable of withstanding intermediate temps. 

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