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marcus marcusadriana at mls.com.br
Sat Aug 23 18:25:07 EDT 2003

(My) frogs like the bromeliads that exist up on  tree banches in my 
ranch in southeastern Brasil.
 That provides food (insects pupae), drinking and wetting water, that's 
a real living palace for them, but never heard of they like Pleurothallis.
I'll pay attention to that - if that is also my case and their prefference.
Marcus Rezende

Michael Shrom escreveu:

> Hi,
>     I'm Michael Shrom from close to Philladelphia.  I've been keeping 
> orchids off and on for over 20 years and recently have started keeping 
> mostly small orchids in terrariums.  Like Charles Powell and several 
> members of the Pleurothallid Alliance I also keep dart frogs.  I keep 
> mostly intermediate and warm growing Pleurothallids.   I think their 
> are many more cool growing orchids in the Pleuro group but their are 
> plenty of warm to intermediate ones to choose from.  Most of my 
> Pleurothallids are in terrariums with frogs.
>     I'm fortunate to be within driving distance of Parkside Orchids.  
> One of their specialities is small orchids.  I've acquired many of my 
> orchids their.  I'm very much a novice but learning.  I recently 
> joined the Pleurathallid Alliance and have enjoyed the news letter.  
> I've subscribed to the "digest" form of this mailing list to cut down 
> on emails.  I expect I'll mostly lurk and gleen knowledge.
> Michael Shrom
> Ephrata, Pa.
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