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A lot of this information posted here is good information for our
newsletter.  Would it be all right to reprint what Jim Hamilton, Katie
Pleasance and Ron Maunder wrote?  I am the newsletter editor for the
Pleurothallid Alliance and our members are always looking for different ways
of growing and local activities that they can either be involved with or
duplicate in their area.  I have been contacted by a few people from out
east that want to do something like what Jim's group is doing on the west

I grow mainly pleurothallids and have over 3,000 of them in a greenhouse of
20 x 36 in Howell Michigan.  The conditions in the greenhouse are geared to
the pleurothallids, and if my other orchids don't like them, they get taken
to society meetings to find new homes (although there are many that do
well).  I am also the webmaster for the site www.pleurothallids.com.  More

Lynn O
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> Katie,
> Thanks for your note.  I'm familiar with your name as I've read your
> postings on the OGD.
> We are a commercial orchid nursery located in the rolling hills of west
> Sonoma county.  We are near Bodega.  Although we grow sundry genera in two
> large greenhouses, I have a special place in my heart for the
> pleurothallidinae.  Do you know there's a Pleurothallid Alliance in the
> Area?  We meet every couple months, usually in a member's home and/or
> greenhouse.  Last week we met at the Conservatory in San Francisco's
> Gate Park.  As you probably know, the Conservatory was heavily damaged by
> high winds several years ago.  A $25 million dollar restoration is almost
> complete and it opens to the public next month.  We were privileged to
> our meeting there and get a preview of the new facility.  It's
> fabulous!  They have a large pleurothallid collection, consisting mainly
> masdevallias and draculas.  Our members often help with the care and
> grooming of the plants for display.  Every Saturday this month a work
> will be mounting masdevallias and draculas on tree branches for the main
> exhibit area.  If you're interested in this group, let me know and I'll
> give you the contact.
> As I mentioned we grow a number of genera in two greenhouses, each 30" x
> 100'.  One is our intermediate to warm greenhouse and the other is our
> intermediate to cool area where we grow the high altitude plants.  We're
> about 95% species with a few hybrids (to avoid being called species
> snobs).   I have a special fondness for pleurothallis and lepanthes.
> We are open to the public by appointment.  If you're in our area, give us
> call and stop by.  We love visitors.  We ask that you call first because
> do many shows and travel a great deal.  We want to be sure we're here.
> particulars and web site are below.
> Looking forward to this new list site,
> Jim
> At 08:39 AM 08/01/2003 -0700, you wrote:
> >I'll introduce myself,
> >
> >I'm Katie Pleasance.
> >
> >I grow Masdevallias and a single Dracula in a walkway on
> >the north side of a two-storey house in Hayward,
> >California. That's across the Bay and just a few miles
> >south of San Francisco. The walkway is protected by shade
> >cloth and I put up freeze cloth on cold nights. We usually
> >get only a couple mild frosts annually. The walkway
> >receives an almost constant breeze from the west. During
> >the height of summer the area gets some direct sun and the
> >plants suffer dehydration. All of the masdevallias and
> >draculas are either on mounts or in baskets and they dry
> >quickly in the breeze. I recently put up a mister on a
> >timer running the length of the wall where the mounts are
> >hung. This has helped the dehydration problems.
> >
> >Happy plant-hunting and good growing.
> >
> >Katie
> >Katie Pleasance
> >Hayward, CA
> >katie at katiesorchids.com
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