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LL, Georg et al..sorry I have taken time to respond..had to take my 3 yr
old to emergency clinic then a 5 hr drive to look at a few jobs and a pub
to buy, so we can get into more substance abuse. Also out of net range.

Well.... I'm not one to take offence very often, for I sometimes put it out
there myself, but rarely in such blunt  and frank forms. But, I had once
considered to change my name to Frank Blunt. Perhaps it stimulates the
debate and challenges a reply, sometimes it switches off. I have also
recognised that my aries aries aries monkey horse character displays many
elements  of confrontation. So I have learnt to live with that. As
challenging as it is for all, including me. I have learnt how to absorb and
take on the "heavy posts". They do not phase me at all. I was called
islamaphobic once..hmmm ? In fact I draw them in as positive elements of a
good debate...stimuli perhaps,  to add fire to the subject dynamic ?

The dynamics I mention are not limited to the work of Glen Atkinson, who
you have a personal issue with LL thats yours to own, not anyone elses.
Thats not my debate here. There is a healthy collective around the world
stimulating this subject. It is not a new line of thinking either. It has
been around for some time. People were burnt at stakes for talking of it.
The worlds of Biodynamics are slowly being realised in the Permaculture and
organic fraternity, recognised and accepted as performing good results.
Scott Pittman's experience is very worth respecting here. Mollison still
writes them off. Steiner was one who spoke of these further dimensions. As
far as *"You have NO clue what others are doing and have accomplished over
the past 50 years*
*​"​*. You LL have NO idea at all what I have researched or been part of
over the past 60 years. In fact I have researched a considerable spectrum
of the worlds of Agriculture, Permaculture, Organics, Biodynamics,
Biological Agriculture, Ecological Agriculture and electrocosmic magnet
energies and more similar dimensions as well as many of the worlds of
Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Urban Design, Politics, Law and
Economics. I also echo Scotts view on Elaine Ingham, she is but one in the
wide library at present of this exciting dynamic. Which in fact is the
subject I have recently been invited to manage for a are global consultancy.

Being *"*
* entitled to insult us as being lazy and opting** for simplification."* I
don't think has anything to do with my research in the worlds of organic
agriculture or Permaculture but more to do with social and psychological
sciences as Georg alludes to. Lazy and simplifying are two words that could
be replaced with a range of words. Having been involved Architecture,
Landscape Architecture and Urban Design professionally I have explored the
psychological characteristics of species man also doing an associate one
year series of papers as part of my architecture degree on such psychology.
It is recognised by many what we as a species generally prefer short cuts
and simplification. The design of pathways through parks are the classic
and best example of such. Many designers design in rigid fixed pathways
which are invariably ignored by users for the short cut. This pattern
replicates itself in many ways of our life.

Keep up the excellent work LL et al..more debate is goood..Steve Hart

On 3 June 2015 at 21:23, Georg Parlow <g.parlow at gmx.at> wrote:

> Am 03.06.2015 um 11:06 schrieb Georg Parlow <g.parlow at gmx.at>:
> >
> > Ok Lawrence, please accept my apologies for the unqualified hint toward
> drugs. I guess it was just a weird way of expessing my desire for less
> impulsiveness on this (or any!) list - where a good deal of this
> implulsivness seems to come from your end. And it is certainly way less
> than the good things coming from you, do doubt about this.
> Correction last sentence: ...NO doubt about this.
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