[permaculture] Brochure (english version) done!

sandra campe zukunftswerkstatt at riseup.net
Thu Aug 14 10:12:01 EDT 2014

Dear international PC-network.

There has been some information about the European PC Teachers' 
Partnership circulating on this list.

Today, we proudly present our *"General Introduction to the 
<http://permateachers.eu/ept-intro-brochure-finished/>"*-brochure to 
you! Please find it to download under the above link!

This brochure provides an overview of the project and contains loads of 
links to the respective content on the permateachers.eu-website. 
Hopefully it will be a good starting point for many people to find out 
more about the EPT Partnership!

Several european partners are working on translating this brochure to 
their countries' languages to make the project and it's work more 
accessible. These translations will hopefully be available at the 
beginning of September. Translations that will definitely be available 
are: spanish, finnish, dutch, ukranian, german.

We hope that you will enjoy reading what we did and we're looking 
forward to comments, contributions etc. - and to you distributing the 
brochure! If you know permaculturists in Europe that might not know 
about the project yet, please forward this mail!!!

To all those reading this and attending the NAPC: Jillian will be at 
your convergence and I think she'll share more information about this 
Partnership live!

Just the best,
Sandra for the EPT-Partnership

sandra campe
sieben linden ecovillage
d-38489 beetzendorf
skype: xcampe.sinax

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