[permaculture] some drought tolerant grasses for lawns - What do you think?

Carl DuPoldt cdupoldt at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 18 13:10:49 EDT 2012

Tall fescue is an adaptable, bunch-type grass with a course 
texture. Each plant grows from a single seed so it needs to be seeded 
heavily. With regular mowing, tall fescue can provides a "carpet" affect
 of a traditional lawn. It prefers 3/4" of water per week preferably in 
one deep watering and is very traffic tolerant.

Sheep fescue is a bunch grass that grows in clumps. It 
provides more of a natural look and needs very little water. It only 
needs fertilizing every other year and requires infrequent mowing but 
the bumpy surface is not recommended for backyard activities.

Buffalograss is native to the midwest and gaining popularity 
for its thick, lush turf, infrequent mowing needs, and hardiness. It 
only needs 1/4" of water per week in the summer, but can survive on 
less. Buffalo is very slow to start from seed so it must be purchased in
 plugs and planted about 5" apart. Buffalograss should be mowed high 
(5") or not at all and makes a bumpy surface so it would not be good for
 backyard activities.

Wheatgrass varieties are coarse looking, all purpose grasses 
that need very little water or fertilizer. They are easy to start from 
seed and great for low maintenance areas.

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