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Dear Friend,

I'd like to reach out to you personally about a new book that I am very
excited about: /Abundance — The Future Is Better Than You Think/

This book is written by my dear friend and colleague Dr. Peter H.
Diamandis, Singularity University Cofounder and X PRIZE Foundation
Chairman, and Steven Kotler, science journalist.

*Peter and Steven intend to start a new conversation in the world — one
focused on solving problems rather than just being gloomy about them.*
In the book, they give an extensive tour of the latest in four emerging
forces: exponential technologies, the DIY innovators, the
Technophilanthropists, and the Rising Billion. They present a very
convincing case that the world's getting better at an accelerating rate
and lay out a road map for achieving the vision of abundance. *I think
you'll enjoy the abundant stories, hard facts, and science/engineering
in the book.*

Today, we are all empowered more than ever before to solve humanity's
grand challenges. *You can help change the world's conversation from the
pessimism of scarcity to Abundance!*

Please explore this book at their website, www.AbundanceTheBook.com

where you can pre-order /Abundance/, download the first chapter, watch
videos, share your reactions, and participate in a campaign to change
the world's conversation (and win a $5,000 prize in the process).

To launch the book and make a real impact in turning the world's current
negative focus around, *Peter and Steven are offering four gifts to
thank any early supporters for pre-ordering at *www.AbundanceTheBook.com

February 13*. (You'll get access to Singularity University's video
library packed with graduate training on exponential technologies, the
/Transcendent//Man/ documentary, and more.)

Please help spread the word!


Ray Kurzweil

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