[permaculture] three solar food dehydrators

paul wheaton paul at richsoil.com
Fri May 27 15:16:56 EDT 2011

The first solar dehydrator is shown by robert and marina at dell
artimus farm.   The solar heat comes from a heated panel at the
bottom, and there is a black chimney at the top that creates a draw.
They use  a stainless steel screen.  The dryer is a year and a half
old.  They have dried beans, flowers, cherries, grapes (raisins),
kale, walnuts and apples.     They tried some tomatoes, but those
ended up as pig food.

Matt at feral farm shows a "down draft solar dehydrator."  The solar
heat enters at the top and then goes down.  Because as it gathers
moisture, the solar heated air gets heavier.    He has nettles in

Mark Vander Meer, of  wildland conservation service in Missoula,
Montana shows off his solar food dehydrator still loaded with dried
plums.   Those plums have been in there all fall, winter and most of
the spring.   He talks about trying to dry fruit with electric food
dehydrators and how expensive that was.  This solar dehydrator also
uses the down draft technique.  He says plums take three days and
apples take a day and a half.

These are all passive systems.  There are no fans.


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