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Lawrence F. London, Jr. lflj at bellsouth.net
Mon Oct 25 05:38:43 EDT 2010

On 10/24/2010 8:49 PM, paul wheaton wrote:
>> This is an excellent, excellent instructional video! Thanks, Paul.
>> With Jacqueline you also get the Biodynamic perspective as she is actively
>> involved in that movement. Her forthcoming book will be a must have as is
>> your video. Maybe you could create a document to go along with it that
>> contains the highlights of the data presented in the video
>> (you have to write quick and watch at the same time and you're going to want
>> to get that information down on paper).
> I tried to write a lot of the key stuff in the description for the video.
> The weird thing is that I kinda thought this video was gonna go viral,
> or make the news or something.  I spent a huge amount of time editing
> it.  And then when it got about the same amount of traffic as most of
> my videos, the wind sorta left my sails.

This video is one of the best available on the subject of natural beekeeping
and is unique. I will get back into my YouTube account and try to boost the video
there and everywhere else I promote Permies.com and that's in a lot of places.
list homepages
message footer
blogs as static info and posts
- I can create an extra page in my Blogger blogs for Permies.com:
[I need a preferred name for that page]
permaculturelist (mirrors this list & allows comments)
- I plan to create a Google group and Google website for this blog
to facilitate user upload of documents, graphics and audio

Here's the list of blogs I currently own at Blogger:
Permaculture Mailing List Blog
mirrors the permaculture list
Appropriate Technology
this mirrors the approtech mailing list
Market Agriculture
mirrors the marketfarming list
Seed Preservation
Seed Savers
Seed Keepers
mirrors the seedkeepers list

Michael Burns & I own the Permaculture blog at Wordpress
(to be renamed Permaculture Mailing List Blog when mirroring can be gotten to work)
He plans n mirroring other permaculture lists he runs and we hope to mirror this permaculture list eventually
but have so far been unsuccessful in getting mail forwarding  to work (WP seems to do some wierd filtering
in their gateway for email destined as blog posts).

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