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Unfortunately I have seen too much of the aftermath of this destruction.
 My miniscule role spanning the last 45 years has been to attempt to
patch a little of it up afterwards - not always successfully and never
even remotely approaching the original.  Getting anything to survive and
grow is seen as success.  Preventing a yearly flood of sediment from
even one small catchment is cause for celebration.  And then the corrupt
who obstructed along the way are happy to take the credit - where it is
definitely not due.

No future that I can foresee - none at all.  "Time gentlemen please".

It hasn't been a good week for good news - plenty of bad out there though.

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On 10/20/2010 1:32 PM, Lawrence F. London, Jr. wrote:

On 10/20/2010 12:02 PM, Alia Tsang wrote:

"I wonder how much Bt gets into the irrigation water at the neighboring
non-gmo farms....."

That very topic was in the news recently, bt in the rivers and streams
adjoining the large farms using it and the severe adverse impact it will
have on wildlife, especially beneficial-to-farming wildlife, all

As Rich Molini said:
"Every time we try to outsmart some other more well adapted organism, we
prove that extra synapses do not ensure species survival especially when
a number of those electrical connections center on greed and wealth

Pretty lopsided situation I would say, a mangy tail trying to wag the dog.


Forget the rest of this article (and do not try that at home, needless to
say; no endorsement from me for use of the subject of the article) but I
thought this little snippet was articulate and accurate commentary on the
ills of modern society; I concur with him 100%):

"Travel almost anywhere through the Amazon rainforest, or fly above it, and
you can't miss the demonic madness that's been let loose here -- flotillas
of tugs heading downriver towing immense rafts of precious hardwoods, great
fires blazing and crackling under clouds of smoke, vast areas of cleared
and given over to cattle and soya-beans, indigenous ways of life disrupted
and destroyed ...

It's part of a wider syndrome of human behavior that's become increasingly
dominant in the past hundred years and seems to be reaching its peak in the
early twenty-first century -- an unthinking willingness, coupled with an
unprecedented capacity, to squander the greatest treasures stored up for us
by nature in exchange for short-term profits and the satisfaction of
immediate needs. Included in the syndrome are such follies as the
contamination and terminal overfishing of the oceans, a thousand different
ways to pollute, destabilize and overheat the global environment, all manner
of evil and irrational wars, financial markets operating on crazed and
ultimately self-destructive principles, extreme nationalistic and religious
hatreds, and widespread poverty and waste of human potential.

I could go on but the point is obvious. Business as usual is not an option
if we hope to bequeath any kind of life worth living to our children and
grandchildren. We all know this and yet we all, also, feel powerless to stop
the bad, stupid and often wicked things being done in our name by our
governments and military, by our banks and corporations and, of course, by
our own lifestyle choices."

That says it all, in a very few words. Such great writing; we need more.

Lawrence London
lfljvenaura at gmail.com

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