[permaculture] After the Fires

Bela Beke beke at primus.com.au
Mon Mar 16 02:42:36 EDT 2009

Thank you for taking the time to write ,Christopher.
Regards,Bela Beke

christopher nesbitt wrote:
> Hi Bela,
> I lost 50 acres of habitat to a neighbors our of control fire. You can  
> read about it here: http://www.mmrfbz.org/Fire.html As a result of my  
> neighbors fire, I have spent much of the last year dealing with the  
> consequences of fire, instead of focusing on things I would like to  
> work on.
> Hills can slump after loss of roots. You will have dead roots offering  
> temporary support to the soil, so you will have a windiw in which to  
> plant out more trees to replace the ones that were killed.
> Not knowing the particulars of your area, and knowing it is most  
> likely different than here, I would suggest considering deep rooted  
> plants very quickly. We used vetiver on contour (about three acres of  
> 50 burned), and planted a LOT of trees through the balance, fast  
> growing timber and tree legumes, some fruit. We have one hill I am  
> very worried about.
> Good luck!
> Christopher

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