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Sounds like quite a menagerie!
I miss the cardinals.
Keep nourishing, Lawrence!

The best fertilizer is the gardener's shadow.
-Chinese proverb

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Tripp Tibbetts wrote:

>I've noticed that the more I pay attention to nature, and the less I listen to the
>buffoons, the more I realize that the planet is already beginning to
>recover. A new breeding pair of northern flickers moved into my 'hood
>this fall, to join the kestrel that arrived mid-summer. That kestrel
>lives almost exclusively on the flock of sparrows that dog my chicken
>feed. So right in the middle of all the ignorance and self-important
>greed, now my little urban garden has its own kestrel.

I have always been impressed with the need to leave a certain amount of 
your property absolutely undisturbed. Then in the portion you're active 
in you are pleasantly suprised with all sorts of wild visitors. Here 
there plenty of hawks, the local small and large varieties and at least 
three types of owls, barn swallows, whipporwills, some bird that makes a 
sound like a swooning lady that lives only in the wooded areas nearby,
another that makes a musical clucking sound possibly a snipe or a bird 
in the coocoo family, plenty of crows who often harass the hawks 
guarding their nests with young, blue herons, geese, vultures, quail, 
mourning doves, wonderful songbirds, indigo buntings, bluebirds, 
finches, woodpeckers, wrens and sparrows, bluejays, robins (very early 
spring/late winter) and cardinals. I also have foxes, opossums, gophers,
deer, interesting field mice that look like kangaroo mice, racoons, 
black snakes, garden snakes and copperhead snakes and black widow 
spiders to keep me totally awake and keenly vigilant night and day (they 
give me the willys).

>Since humans are part and parcel of Nature, there's a damn good
>that our recovery will go the same direction. Everywhere I look I see
>new gardens, new urban chickens, more people walking, biking, and
>talking on the streets. My front yard garden draws neighbors like a
>honey pot draws flies, and they tell me they feel safer with me on the


I think you're right, its happening; all we need to do is nourish the
trend, as you are already doing.

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