[permaculture] Planetary Pc Directory was Greetings (attempt #7)

gavinraders at gmail.com gavinraders at gmail.com
Mon Dec 21 21:32:34 EST 2009

Hi Keith,
Gladd to see you back on list. That earlier email wasn't supposed to go out to the list, but to my Planting Justice email account to remind myself to put our projects up on the Planetary Directory. Sorry for the confusion and thanks for the work you do.
Gavin Raders

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Subject: Re: [permaculture] Planetary Pc Directory was Greetings (attempt #7)

Gavin, was that a request, a demand, or a suggestion and could you be more explicit?

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>Subject: Re: [permaculture] Greetings (attempt #7)
>Put ourselves up on planetary permaculture directory!
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