[permaculture] A small-scale farm report. Was: Large scale farming - sustainable? Profitable?

Lee Flier leeflier at comcast.net
Sun Dec 20 19:49:40 EST 2009

Great info Michael!

And yes, I realize there are a zillion variables... which is why I asked 
what *you* (meaning each person on the list) would do (or are doing), 
not what all the variables are!

I'd be very interested to know the specifics of what annuals you 
plant(ed) prior to year 3, and which perennials/trees you planted which 
cause the property to be less labor intensive after year 3.

Also, you say 2 acres given reasonable soil/water could support one or 
two families - I assume this means you have some cash crops that you 
sell, not just for those families to feed themselves.  If so, how many 
people do you think your 2 acres supports including the buyers of the 
cash crops, and where do you sell them?

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