[permaculture] Phosphorus Theft

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We are on the same page, seeing this as a deliberate ploy.
Have you had a chance to look at the haarp link I sent?
You might find it interesting, if disturbing.

Among other things, look at the value of reducing pop drink manufacture! 
(as per your post's mention of their phosphorous consumption)
I have met many seemingly well intentioned people who feel incapable of 
seeing this type of thing as as possible.
The attunement to the $ matrix is very strong indeed.

My understanding is that one of the reasons people are falling for the 
leadership of the climate change agenda is by default: they see nothing else 
as doable.
And yet, they hunger to flex the muscles of the body politic.
It's a very mainstream kind of movement, if you catch my drift...
Politicians, unfortunately, are rather addicted to public opinion.

We're moving more deeply into a wage slave dictatorship culture, and the 
Copenhagen Treaty, will cement our decline, adding to it...

That, and not to mention the devastation of the earth progressing leaving in 
its wake the prophesied industrial wasteland so oft prophesied in sci fi.


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> fdnokes at hotmail.com wrote:
>> Thanks for the fabulous post, Keith.
>> I look forward to mining it for all its worth.
>> Looks like we humans are going to have to 'get with the program' when it
>> comes to phosphorous.
>> All we seem to hear about is carbon.
> That's a deliberate ploy to distract us from other areas of concern and
> from the real solutions to the problem of human factors exacerbating or
> potentiating other factors or ditectly causing global warming through
> the release of C02, others gases and vapors and particulate matter into
> the atmosphere.
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