[permaculture] Monsanto's Phosphorus Theft

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Thanks, Lawrence, and yet I had some second thoughts.
I've never been a fan of fertilizer, and the permaculture movement is 
largely about supporting nature to create good soil, but it does make sense 
to acknowledge that the current infrastructure that is responsible for 
feeding the millions does rely on phosphorous.

I feel so concerned about what is happening in this co-opted phase of the 
environmentalist movement.
I've completely lost faith in Canada's Green Party leader, having listened 
(to what I could tolerate) of her speech in the debates (Munk Debates).
Happy to have discovered Bjorn and hear the tone he set...
Interesting how he cautioned against superlatives and queried the need for 
the use, just before MonBiot rose to start off his speech with a 'preemptive 

I am heartened to see people like Bjorn,  (Canadian) constitutional lawyer, 
Shawn Buckley, stand up and speak in dulcet tones of the need to maintain 
our rights and our freedoms and our common sense...


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> fdnokes at hotmail.com wrote:
>> Yes, thanks Lawrence and Keith!
>> What an excellent link.
>> What a concerning issue.
>> At least it highlights some of the devastation originating from the 
>> disaster
>> of gmo agro-technology.
>> Here's hoping that the climate change circus does not keep this news from
>> the ears of the multitudes.
>> Frances
> Well said, Frances.
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