[permaculture] Question-is there a USA NATIONAL conference???

Lawrence F. London, Jr. venaurafarm at bellsouth.net
Sun Dec 6 16:27:09 EST 2009

Udan Farm wrote:
> So here is my other idea-precipitatied by a question...
> Has there ever been or is there now a NATIONAL (inside the USA) conference on Permaculture?
I know there is an International one,
> I know there are gatherings and regional conferences...well, I know of two, the Southeastern one, and the one in NY state...  are there more regional gatherings?
> So, the reason I ask, is because I do attend the Southeastern Gathering, and it's very laid back and fun. It's a gathering. I call it my family reunion.
> But what if there were a NATIONAL Permaculture Conference, that focused more on the business of permaculture, teaching, and more on things like creating a wiki/open source texts, 
and collaborations....doesn't that sound like fun?
> Just throwing that out there for discussion :)
> Peace,Isabel

That does sound like fun, Isabel, all the things you described, 
including working on wiki/open source texts on permaculture and related 
subjects, collaborations on all sorts of interesting projects plus an
ongoing series of workshops on all this at every gathering.

What about starting with the smallest element in the network, local
gatherings. I assume the Southeast Gathering is the one in Celo NC?
Other than that I know of almost no other permaculture activities
happening around the part of NC where I live, the Central Piedmont.
It would be nice if an local permaculture interest group initiative 
could be started. These could involve holding monthly (weekly or 
bi-weekly, depending on interest and demand) potlucks and meet at a 
different location each time or at some central location offered by an 
established organaization. This would mean that more people would know 
about and attend the SE gathering. Then a National gathering would come 
into focus and might become a reality for enough people to keep it going 
each year.

In these economic hard times local PC gatherings would serve an 
enormously useful purpose, networking people for exchange of ideas,
education, fun times, work and product trade or barter, keep the $$ in 
the local microeconomy. I could go on for hours about this.

What part of the US are you in?

Chapel Hill
Venaura Farm

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