[permaculture] Question-is there a USA NATIONAL conference???

Udan Farm udanfarm at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 6 15:45:36 EST 2009

So here is my other idea-precipitatied by a question...
Has there ever been or is there now a NATIONAL (inside the USA) conference on Permaculture?I know there is an International one, but I don't travel much, and disagree with flying all over the place for classes...too much petrol.
I know there are gatherings and regional conferences...well, I know of two, the Southeastern one, and the one in NY state...  are there more regional gatherings?
So, the reason I ask, is because I do attend the Southeastern Gathering, and it's very laid back and fun. It's a gathering. I call it my family reunion.
But what if there were a NATIONAL Permaculture Conference, that focused more on the business of permaculture, teaching, and more on things like creating a wiki/open source texts, and collaborations....doesn't that sound like fun?
Just throwing that out there for discussion :)


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