[permaculture] 3rd ethic; was: What I hope to achieve from this list ?

Lawrence F. London, Jr. venaurafarm at bellsouth.net
Sat Dec 5 08:08:59 EST 2009

Robyn Francis wrote:
> Been following the third ethic threads (current and a month or so ago) and I
> would like to share my perspective. I like the simplified catch cry of Earth
> Care, People Care, Fair Share, and for me "Fair Share" fully embodies all
> the the various versions of the third ethic.
> When I introduce Fair Share I begin with the concept of footprints - we live
> on a finite planet of finite resources. Fair Share implies living and
> working within our ecological footprint, this inherently requires
> recognising 'limits to growth and consumption' (both core issues at the
> heart of our global woes: GHG emissions, climate change, resource peaks
> etc). There is also a social obligation here as when we use more than our
> allocated global footprint we're effectively 'stealing' from the capacity of
> others to support themselves, in the present and future generations. Fair
> Share + People Care implies social equity.
> When there is a surplus on one place/system then it needs to be distributed
> or cycled in a manner that supports the first 2 ethics otherwise situations
> of environmental and/or social pollution/erosion will result.
> Terminologies like Footprints weren't around when the early pc books,
> including the manual, were written. I would dare to suggest that had this
> terminology existed we would see it mentioned and tied to ethic three. World
> population has virtually doubled since the the PDM was written, resource
> consumption and consumerism have both increased exponentially.

This is wonderful Robyn. More and more people need to embrace these 
concepts, putting them into practice in more ways, more often, 
indefinitely into the future.

Now, go read the news at these sources:


Democracy Now

OpEd News

Now, go back and re-read the paragraph above.

After reading the headline articles in those news links
I wondered what an individual can do to help.
Supporting worthwhile organizations and individual activists is one, 
getting better at networking with like minded people is another.

Evan Schoepke wrote:
 > Great comments all around,
 > Thanks everyone for the great comments and elaborations on the third
 > ethic
 > see a whole more of it's meaning than I had previously been 
acquainted > with!

You can say that again. Permaculture and those who practice it do not 
have to become political, they already are; that is an accomplished fact.


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