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Chad's ancient trees get the chop
By Arnaud Zajtman
BBC News, N'Djamena
Felled ancient trees in N'Djamena
N'Djamena's Avenue Charles de Gaulle has lost its shade
Chad's tree surgeons are cutting down the majestic trees that once lined the Avenue General de Gaulle, the main drag of 
the capital, N'Djamena.
The centuries-old trees look down on three-storey buildings, and cast a refreshing shadow during the hot season.
But during the recent rebel offensive on the capital, they also provided cover for the attackers.
"The president ordered this," one of the workmen told the BBC.
When I was a child, soldiers used to stop us touching the trees - now they are being destroyed
Dutom Aselo
N'Djamena resident
"He says that to confront the rebels we must absolutely cut down those trees, so that the presidency can be adequately 
The workman says he is unhappy about removing the trees, but adds: "Sooner or later they will be replanted."

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