[permaculture] A Global Cultural Revolution

Robert Waldrop bwaldrop at cox.net
Sat Jun 30 23:28:12 EDT 2007

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From: "Lawrence F. London, Jr." <lfl at intrex.net>
> I just can't believe this. There's more to the 
> situation in Afganistan and it has to do with 
> lack of collaboration with
> Afgan leaders in the use of their 
> recommendations for avoiding civilian 
> casualties.
> Bob Waldrop: I'd like to hear a brief comment 
> from you about this.

>From the beginning the war on the people of 
Afghanistan was an unjust war.  I was against it 
then and I remain against it now.  I regularly 
participate in public actions against the war, and 
recently crafted a series of "Postcards from 
Osama" posted at my website 
www.energyconservationinfo.org as PDF's ready to 
download print, cut, and mail, for people to use 
in consciousness-raising efforts regarding the 
real reason for our wars in the Middle East.  The 
most charitable thing I can say about these very 
short, 150-225 word essays, is that they are 
inflammatory political satire.

But I continue to think that my most effective 
anti-war work is with the Oklahoma Food 
Cooperative and various permaculture activities. 
Democracy at the federal level in the US is a 
consumer fraud.  As long as I can continue to 
exercise my right of free speech, I will do so, 
but I have no illusions about anyone paying any 
attention at that level.

Succession works in politics just like it works in 
our gardens and permaculture projects.  There's no 
point in trying to fool Mother Nature, because it 
can't be done in our wildest delusions.  The laws 
of thermodynamics are the laws of thermodynamics, 
and they admit no exceptions, not even for United 
Statesians.  I tend to think the best we can hope 
for is a managed decline, and the most crucial 
political decisions will be made at the local and 
county levels.

I wouldn't mind being Secretary of Anarchy, but I 
don't think I would make a good Secretary of 

Bob Waldrop, tadpole swimming in Oklahoma City, 18 
straight days of RAIN!  Last year this time we 
were burning up, literally, in drought and 
wildfires.  Unbelievably lush growth in my "forest 
edge garden-yard."

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