[permaculture] ADMIN: Editing quoted material was Re: No-till potatoes - surface cultivation and deepmulching

Lawrence F. London, Jr. lfl at intrex.net
Tue Jun 26 23:40:28 EDT 2007

Loren Davidson wrote:

Please, please, PLEASE!!!!

Do *not* leave the entire digest file in your reply when you post to the list! It makes the *next* digest file even 
longer, because people then have to scroll through the same damn thing two or three times in order to get to any 
material they *haven't* seen yet.

On this particular thread, the person who started the topic did the good thing of changing the subject line, but then 
left the entire digest - none of which was relevant to his post - attached at the end. The person who replied to it left 

Time and bandwidth are not unlimited resources. Use them as wisely as you use soil and water.

Thanks for listening,


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You beat me to it. I just got a complaint in email about this.

Nota Bene:

In Future:

Please remove all unneeded, non-pertinent quoted text you include in your replies to any and all messages in this
permaculture forum. This especially applies to those who receive their messages in digest format.

I have sugested that those weary of having to deal with interminable furlongs of unnecessary quoted text
should yell loudly at transgressors. Loren and I could always put offending subscribers on moderation after three 
instances of this dreary practice. Yea or Nay on this?

Lawrence F. London, Jr.
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lfl at intrex.net

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