[permaculture] Where the political discussion goes

David Riley reuselumber at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 26 22:12:45 EDT 2007

I cast a NAY! to politics here. 

The reasons I submit are below, if you care to delve.Go no further if you don't.

Which chapter in the Designers Manual involves politics? Or, Perm 1 or Perm 2 or intro to Permaculture? I would like to read further on how it's included in the Permaculture principles/design/ethics.  Whose agenda will we be discussing politically? Will it be a positive discussion with solutions or a negative cathartic release for selected people? Why do folks periodically try to redefine or 'improve' Permaculture to suit their needs? 

There is already an issue with dominant personalities needing to be right about every point of discussion.  The thought of having to bear the rambling dialogue of every member's backlog of political viewpoints...well, it makes me think of every other (average) internet site. It also seems that the discussions have gotten personally subjective on this list due to 'politics', and further from the point of Permaculture design.  

I recall Mr. Mollison turning to the concept of Permaculture to escape the uselessness of the protesting masses that avoided doing anything real as they got caught up in the  whining of their own negative voices. [And that's a vague paraphrase definitely.]  

If politics becomes part of this list does Mr Lawrence need to re-subscribe some former members: i.e.; Ken Benway. He was rather adamant about POLITICS and PERMACULTURE and was black-listed. Perhaps because his passion lead to 75 emails over a two week period, flooding our in-boxes with his passion for U.S. presidential contenders. (Turns out his website says he's a permaculture designer,  not a right- wing Monsanto employee.)  By no means am I promoting this person, just exemplifying the behaviour of the obsessed. 

I believe it was the wisdom of Robert Waldrop who noted that "finding ways to divide us does nothing to build community". I would add,  the PERMACULTURE WORLD COMMUNITY is a diverse perennial polyculture.

That being said.....I'm up for it (political discourse) being on this list. If we only discuss Canadian, British and Australian politics...NOTHING to do with American politics. Not to mention the politics of the good people in the European Union, Africa, Asia, Middle East, former USSR, the Stans, Greenland, Oceania, South/Central America, etc..or is this really a GLOBAL list? Or is it the nationalist agenda to make US policy the World policy?

My dos centavos worth.  I spent way too much time on this topic....arf.

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