[permaculture] Political talk, Yay or Nay

Andrew French alienbuddha at gmail.com
Tue Jun 26 19:24:04 EDT 2007

Tommy, I find your comments to be interesting but a bit long-winded. Is a
listserv a place to lay out your manifesto? Sure, what the hell. But I think
you should consider writing an article or something, because your ideas are
valid, but all over the place. This is why I think theoretical idealistic
political talk has no place on a listserv that is suppose to be the number
one listserv for permaculture. Dig it.

"Spawned by the Inquisition which eliminated Europe's shamans and
matriarchs, who knew better, the Industrial Age was humanity's gravest
error." Really, dude?

I almost agree with you, but of course without the Industrial Age we
probably wouldn't be using computers to communicate. Just a hunch. Also,
it's not exactly the Industrial Age itself that is too blame, it is the
society that creates such an age.

"Permaculture corrects the Industrial Age error only if our wounds allow it.
Let us heal, and change our consciousness, and resist the forces of
darkness, and create alternatives that work in harmony with nature, and
create sustainable, inclusive community."

This is a good sentiment. Except that I don't understand what wounds you're
talking about, and how they would allow permaculture to correct the
Industrial Age.

I like the whole thrust of your piece, there, but it's overall tone is
somewhat loopy. Am I wrong? If I am, that's cool, just tell me why.

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