[permaculture] Bioregional Governance and Planning Task Force-US.Florida

Kenneth Benway ken at arcadiandesign.org
Wed Jun 13 22:05:04 EDT 2007

I am starting a new topic to specifically discuss bioregional planning
strategies for the State of Florida. Please keep your comments topic
I have given a lot of thought to what a permacultured Florida might be
like. I feel I have a clear vision of how that might look.
I see the following urgent issues that need immediate attention:

1. Establish State Land use and Zoning laws that represent the
functional zones of permaculture. Securing a sustainable food supply for
zones one, two and three must receive the highest priority. Every effort
should be made to insure that zone allocations will create a balanced
ecosystem at the bioregional level.

2. Establishment of Transportation corridors (zone zero) to facilitate a
multi modal transportation system that includes: Electric Powered light
rail, Electric Busses, Bicycles, Equestrian, Pedestrian ,water craft.
Restore large gage rail networks for interstate cargo and passenger
transportation with an emphasis on electric power.

3. Take action to insure energy resource optimization and management:
Passive Solar, Photovoltaic, Geothermal, Green building design and zone
placement strategies to minimize transportation vectors and distribution
costs. Every effort should be made to decentralize power distribution
and minimize reliance on the grid.(maybe net meter first then
transitioning to batteries when money allows) 

I have a Florida Map that defines the major zone zero urban centers and
all remaining major "green zones" 1 thru 5 somewhat located with
proposed zone 5 wildlife corridors running between major existing
federal, state and county parks and nature preserves. Zone zero
transportation corridors would basically mirror the existing
transportation corridors with an emphasis on upgrading to multi modal
transportation systems. I wish there was a way to display this map so we
could all talk to it at the same time and strategize etc.

I hope some of the readers on this list will join in what I know will be
an exiting bioregional design project.

Ken Benway
Arcadian Design
St Petersburg Fl


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