[permaculture] Pollies and permies

David Riley reuselumber at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 13 22:41:57 EDT 2007

I like that this is an international listserv.  I can see, and I respect, the differences in the approach to permaculture on different continents and in various bioregions. Focusing on politics of one specific area is counter-productive, just as focusing on one religion and trying to marry it to permaculture is counter-productive.

Myopic viewpoints and opinions are an egotistic internet fantasy. 

I am losing sight of the PERMACULTURE topics that provide value to me, amongst the banter of egotists that need to drive their point home (concerning off-topic subjects). I also  practice self-censorship on this list to allow for all points of view but, I find that I have to delete entire digests consisting of days worth of topics because I see no value in tired subjects, by the same names.

Ken, when I see your name now, or anyone referring to the politician that you feel the need to rant on about, or the word POLITICS, I delete the message or skip it. Through your adamant stance you have, in my view, assigned your own name and subject to the no read list. 

At first, you seemed to have valid things to contribute to Permaculture discussion, please don't lose yourself in trying to be right about this topic or you may be going to negative reaction about your subject matter.



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